For a lack of a better question and most importantly to keep the blog alive,ID X

X is a vatted Indian Rum, blended and aged for 7 years..There is no advertising whatsoever for the brand, its popularity depends on word of mouth and loyalty of customers. X  is the third largest selling Rum in the world. X  has been the biggest Indian Made Foreign Liquor  brand for many years.

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Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything

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The Best of Tata Crucible Corporate Edition

Whenever you prepare for a Quiz especially for a major one you trawl through the web trying to find Past Questions but unfortunately there arent many who chronicle quizzes and most searches end up in nothing.
I took up chronicling quizzes in 2009 with Arul Mani’s General Quiz at Incident and have done many quizzes since. Chronicling gives you a clear advantage over people when you need to frame a new quiz or even remember certain facts. The real good questions could be lifted de facto and the others help you frame awesome questions. Basically they guide you to become a better quizzer and an awesome quizmaster.

I came across this Blog post with an Ebook boasting the best of Tata Crucible Corporate Editions 2006-2009.This Database of Tata Crucible’s Questions is worth mentioning. I downloaded it and found the format in which they were arranged very helpful. The Questions are restricted to about 10 a page and the answers for those are at the bottom. Definitely an Easy to read format. Containing an amazing 421 Questions, it is an essential addition to any quizzer’s collection. And the best thing is that its free. All you need to do is Pay for it With a Tweet or a Facebook Share. This is something i recommend especially for the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz Edition. Am sure they recycle questions and this ebook would give you a head start in preparing.

Also a recommend: From Rohit Nair’s Quizzing.in http://www.quizzing.in/how-to-prepare-for-tata-crucible/

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Iam sorry for not posting questions. Iam lazy dont want to give a Busy as a stupid excuse.Will try to maintain frequent questions

Todays question Id this famous painter

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TCS TECH BYTES IT QUIZ: Mangalore Regional Finals

The Prelims can be found here.

Round 1:

  1. X was started by Y in a Dorm room at the TOBY centre. They gave it the name Z. Ever since Z was introduced, the fortunes of the companies improved. If Z was Turbo PC, who or what is X and Y?
  2. X is credited with the term Y. X is a famous statistician who introduced Z in a book called explantom . If Z is Box plots / candlestick chain. What or who is X and Y?
  3. X created Y and started by selling laser pointers. Today P and Q are?
  4. X was developed by Y , a Canadian giant. X got its name from tiny particles of Z. If Z was strawberry. What are X and Y?
  5. X launched project Y in 1960, X is far more famous for coining the term Z. If Z is Hyper text, who or what are X and Y?
  6. X is the mind behind Y, a project launched in 1993 for free software. X is Free software foundation. Y is GNU. Who is X?

Round 2:Mainframe Compatibility/ID the Images:

  1. Microsoft Surface diagram. Passed to the audience and I got a TCS cap for answering it!
  2. Maya Logo
  3. Energy Star Logo
  4. Sun’s Andy Bechtolsheim
  5. Logitech Mouse Advertisement with the caption “goes where others can’t”
  6. Comp concept => Pigeons on computers.

Round 3:Parallel Computing:

  1. Connect: Freedom, Airtel board member, FRIENDS, Song played [from the movie Swades]
  2. Samuel Palmisano, Thomas Watson Senior and Junior, IBM Time Cover, and the IBM anthem played.
  3. N.Chandrasekaran, Olympics, Fila, Acer and Italian National Anthem played.
  4. Star Office, Stanford University, Oracle, Scott McNealy.

Audience Round:

  1. What’s Digital Dentistry?
  2. What in India does Trackgandhi.com do?

Round 4:Utility computing:

  1. The Karnataka government’s Department of IT created this first government venture into the IT industry. Name it.
  2. Who owns IMDB?
  3. Bardeen, Brattain, Shockley.
  4. Printing technology term referring to the number of characters/inch?

Round 5:Grid Computing:

This was the last round which composed of the teams solving a equation by using the clues given. The requirements to get the points were either solve the equation and atleast solve a majority of the clues provided. The equation gave you a computing term.

The Post is incomplete. Will update the pictures and answers soon. The Prelims can be found here.

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some thing to do with sports and related to (vaugely) to Kalmadi 😀

Id the logo

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