TCS TECH BYTES IT QUIZ Mangalore Regional Finals: Prelims

The Questions from the Finals can be found here.

Finally A Major Quizzing Regional Finals comes to Mangalore. With the TATA Crucible, Manipal Edition earlier this year Major Quizzing entered into the Coastal Karnataka Districts. The Prelims of The TCS TECH BYTES IT QUIZ, Mangalore finals had a lot of easy questions and people who had read Raveesh Mayya’s blITz, the IT quiz book could have easily qualified to the finals. However the One team per college rule had us fighting against ourself in order to be on stage. so Here are the Prelims

  1. If IE has ‘Favorites’ what does Netscape have? (a clear hint was given about Readers of Novels using them)
  2. Which Telecom Provider is famous for its ‘Push-to-Talk’ Facility?
  3. ID
  4. Wes Cherry is known for the creation of which addictive Game?
  5. What does ‘nic’ stand for in
  6. ID
  7. Which company’s Logo is made up of 8 U’s?
  8. What was founded by Anurag Dod and Gaurav Mishra and had the tag line ‘The Indian Search Engine’
  9. Larry Ewing was the creator of?
  10. Toyota F1 team has which major chip manufacturer as a sponsor?
  11. ID
  12. What s the Unique Numberical label that identifies a computer on a Network?
  13. Steven Speilberg had a problem with the naming of this gaming console which was the successor for Sega Saturn. Which one?
  14. ID
  15. Whats the name for the part in modern computers that holds many of the crucial components of the system, while providing connectors for other peripherals.
  16. Expand ASP in terms of what a software company may produce.
  17. Which Company is named after a River in Finland.
  18. A question about a company which exited the Power Pc architecture and has also sold out its laptop and Pc division.
  19. ID
  20. ID Logo

The Prelims thus were an easy lot. The Teams qualified to the finals in the range of 12-14 out of 20. The Teams were from St. Josephs College of Engineering, M.I.T.E. , S.I.T. ,  P.A.C.E. , NIT-K and NMAMIT.

The Questions from the Finals can be found here.


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4 Responses to TCS TECH BYTES IT QUIZ Mangalore Regional Finals: Prelims

  1. Pramod says:

    woah!!.. i got 11 right !! 🙂 .. without any partner!!

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